The Conversation: What Are People Saying About 'John Carter''?

The Conversation: What Are People Saying About 'John Carter''?

Feb 22, 2012

Disney has lifted the embargo on talking -- well tweeting -- about John Carter, the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation everyone thinks is set to flop based on its marketing. And wouldn't you know it, the spin is now heading toward the positive! Knowing some of these guys, I'm still wary, but knowing others I'm now at least more intrigued. The ones who do admit it's not perfect but still worth seeing for the good parts are what have me interested. But I've been looking forward to the movie simply for the spectacle anyway.

Will the buzz out of the gate aid the studio in its efforts to turn the tide of expectations and interest on this one? Well, unfortunately the majority of moviegoers don't actually follow movie blogger tweets and many who do pay attention are too cynical to believe it's not just the usual fanboy hype machine. If I were one of the regular folk out there I'd still be awaiting trusted friends' reactions. Fortunately, I can consider some of the below comments as my trusted friends' reactions. 

Let's start with a look at Harry Knowles' response, which actually hit the Twitter a week prior to everyone else's. 


What are people saying about John Carter? Here's The Conversation heard around the Internet:

JOHN CARTER is spectacular. Second that Edgar sits to begin reading Uncle Jack's diary... pure magic til end. I could have sat and watched it 3 more times that day. If you love the source material - there are many moments that'll bring tears when you see it brought to life. Once you see Tars & Carter interacting, suffering of Sola. Wow. Before seeing the film, I didn't like Taylor Kitsch or Lynn Collins at all. But as introduced in film... ideal. They became the characters. [The 3D is] fantastic. I visited Barsoom. [The actions scenes are] pretty spectacular. The full Ape sequence is amazing. Big & small scenes work wonderfully. Warhoon battle is euphoric. This is a cinematic event. - @headgeek666

John Carter (aka John Carter of Mars) is MUCH better than it looks. A great sci-fi film. Plan on seeing it! - @johncampea

JOHN CARTER is a great movie. For 2 hours I was transported to another time and place. Can't wait to see it again. Don't miss it. It's a stand alone film that opens up a huge new world that could be explored in sequels. I hope they get to make them. Saw in 3D. was great. Guy in charge of 3D at Pixar did the post conversion.Also the effects were amazing. The action scenes inspiring. And the music was fantastic. Seriously....JOHN CARTER is not to be missed. - @colliderfrosty

I thought it was wonderful. Will definitely be seeing it again soon. - @SLambrechts

I enjoyed John Carter more than I thought that I would enjoy John Carter. It's ... okay, at times. My expectations were very low. Two more things about John Carter: (A) There are A LOT of characters in this movie and (B) Peter Benton is not one of those characters. [Like] a much, much, much more complicated/confusing Avatar. - @mikeryan

Carter ain't bad. Some truly vivid and massive special effects work, some kickass aliens and a needlessly imperfect rhythm. But fun. - @rejects

Good, not great, but more I think about it more I love that world. Visually amazing at least. [Campiness and wisecracks] stuff was the weakest, but overall it's damn good, enjoyable, very sci-fi entertaining. - @firstshowing

I did like it quite a bit and can't wait to see it again, hopefully in IMAX! - @EDouglasWW

I quite liked "John Carter". It's got a great sense of place and scale, and Stanton's on his game all the way through. It's worth digging into and really pulling apart, because what's good is really good, and what's bad is intriguing. I think Kitsch is a little too modern for me to believe him as Civil War, but that's fine once he makes it to Mars. And Lynn Collins is great in it. An ideal Dejah Thoris. [Dafoe is] heaps of fun. He is a river to his people, let's just say. - @DrewAtHitFix

I really dug John Carter, but it's got problems. For starters: Another journalist told me they didn't understand the plot. At all. I did [understand the plot], and I hadn't read the book. Reminded me of getting swept up in a fantasy novel in my ubernerdy childhood days. - @jenyamato

I can say that I will be giving the film a Fresh review. There are scenes in JOHN CARTER that are all-timers. Some brilliant work. But there are also a LOT of problems with the film. Hopefully the internet will be able to put aside binary 'It sucks/It rocks' stuff and look at JOHN CARTER as a movie w/ good and bad aspects. The best parts of JOHN CARTER are Woola and Dejah Thoris. A generation will be ushered into puberty by Lynn Collins. - @devincf

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