'Gremlins' Director Joe Dante Recruits Freddy Krueger for 'Air Disturbance'

'Gremlins' Director Joe Dante Recruits Freddy Krueger for 'Air Disturbance'

Nov 05, 2012

Joe DanteYou’ll want to fasten your seatbelts and make sure your seats and tray tables are in the locked and upright position for today’s news about Joe Dante’s latest project.

Coming Soon reports that the Gremlins director has boarded a brand new project for New Films Cinema – a horror-thriller entitled Air Disturbance. Also along for the chilling flight are stars Dylan Walsh and Robert Englund.

Air Disturbance takes place at 35,000 feet on a plane bound for Toronto. When strange events start to affect the aircraft, it’s up the recently widowed Walsh to protect his children and psychic girlfriend (really… I’m not making this up) from the other passengers. Amongst the biggest threats is a maniacal minister (Englund, naturally), who’s convinced the strange events are a sign from God.

While Air Disturbance doesn’t sound like an Oscar contender, we like seeing Englund do crazy, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one once it starts shooting on November 27.

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