Watch: 'Blade Runner' Actress' Bizarre Re-creation of Her Erotic Snake Dance Cut from the Movie

Watch: 'Blade Runner' Actress' Bizarre Re-creation of Her Erotic Snake Dance Cut from the Movie

Jan 24, 2013

Some movies are thought to be cursed with accidents and death following the cast and crew years after production. Apparently Blade Runner has a curse, too, though its not a fatal one. It just involves its leading ladies doing strange things in the public eye. Star Sean Young is most notorious for it thanks to her Catwoman shenanigans, Daryl Hannah has also been in the spotlight multiple times for acts of protest, and now Joanna Cassidy has made our heads turn as well.

Cassidy played Zhora, the Replicant who danced naked with a snake before jumping through a plate-glass window. According to the now 67-year-old actress, her scene was originally supposed to show her performing "an exotic reptile dance," but Ridley Scott cut it before it could ever even go in front of cameras. But Cassidy felt that was depriving fans of a treat they should have gotten, so she's re-created the scene herself and released it online.

Don't worry, you're not about to see an old lady strip on YouTube, but it may just be an equally baffling video. We honestly admire that Cassidy's clearly having fun and just interacting with her fans, but if you asked us to draft up a list of the most unexpected things we'd see today, a 67-year-old actress re-creating her unfilmed erotic snake dance from Blade Runner set to an R. Kelly song wouldn't have cracked the top 10.

[via Kotaku]

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