Check Out the Crazy 'Harry Potter'-Themed Treehouse J.K. Rowling Built for Her Kids

Check Out the Crazy 'Harry Potter'-Themed Treehouse J.K. Rowling Built for Her Kids

Jul 30, 2012


According to a report from the Daily Mail, one of the coolest things about having Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for a mother is enjoying the rewards of her epic imagination. The popular book scribe plans to build a 40-foot high, two-story, $393,000 Hogwarts treehouse in the backyard of her Edinburgh mansion. Rowling has three children, but the incredible play area will be for her two youngest: David (9 years old) and Mackenzie (7 years old).

The amenities on this thing are pretty amazing, even to adults like us. The houses will be built on stilts and will contain balconies, carvings and turrets for total Harry Potter immersion. A rope bridge will link them together (we were hoping for a moat and dragons, too). There's also a secret tunnel, trap door, fireman's pole, spiral staircase, playground slide, double swing set and giant trampoline deck. Color us jealous. Rowling is being environmentally conscious about her building plans — which are so massive they required official permission — and is only using timber from sustainably managed forests. The writer's abode has 31 rooms and isn't exactly what you'd call humble, so it makes sense that she'd go all out for her little ones, but the author (who is worth almost $900 million) has a generous heart for others. She's donated around $160 million to charity.
If your mind hasn't been blown yet, there's more Harry Potter goodness below in this beautiful artwork from Reddit user ajcfood. They've compiled every chapter illustration in the book series into one beautiful image for your perusal. 


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