Watch: J.J. Abrams Defends Alice Eve's 'Star Trek' Underwear Scene with a Deleted Shower Scene

Watch: J.J. Abrams Defends Alice Eve's 'Star Trek' Underwear Scene with a Deleted Shower Scene

May 23, 2013

In case you haven't been paying attention to any of the hoopla surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness, many fans have taken to the Net this week to protest and also defend J.J. Abrams' inclusion of a blatantly gratuitous shot of Alice Eve's character in her underwear. The film's cowriter Damon Lindelof has already gone on record apologizing for the scene, admitting it was gratuitous, while some longtime Trekkies have defended it by pointing out that it's in line with what we've seen from the Star Trek franchise over the years.

Here's an image from the scene in question.

On Conan last night, J.J. Abrams also copped to understanding where the naysayers were coming from, defending the clip by pointing out another scene where Chris Pine's Kirk is shirtless in bed with another woman. Abrams also admits that he didn't edit the scene properly, and that it exists to show Kirk's womanizing ways moreso than to show Alice Eve's half-naked body. And to further relieve tensions, Abrams brought a deleted scene from the film in which Benedict Cumberbatch is taking a shower, as if to say, "See, we did it to the guys too!"

Check it out below. 

Honestly, we're not quite sure what to make of this whole thing. On one hand it's understandable that a giant tentpole movie like Star Trek Into Darkness would try to be all sorts of things at once: fun, exciting, thrilling, and, yes, sexy. On the flip side, you sort of expect more from something like this. Sure, you want an underwear scene in the movie, then make it relevant to the plot in some way. Be more creative. Try harder! 

Either way it's a pretty minor thing to get all fussed up about, and we fully expect things to die down once Abrams reveals the other deleted scene featuring the entire Enterprise crew performing a shirtless version of "Y.M.C.A."

Or maybe that scene just exists in our dreams.


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