Jim Carrey's Weird Emma Stone Video: Is the Actor Trying to Win Back His Audience?

Jim Carrey's Weird Emma Stone Video: Is the Actor Trying to Win Back His Audience?

Aug 25, 2011

So yesterday a video went around of Jim Carrey professing his love for actress Emma Stone in this weird, creepy, somewhat heartfelt, older-man-stalker kind of way. It was funny and odd, and it showed off an aging, watered-down comic actor who's sort of lost himself these past few years. Sure, he's getting work and his films are still making decent money (Mr. Popper's Penguins took in over $160 million worldwide), but it still feels like Jim Carrey has lost something. He's lost an edge and he's lost what made him unique in the first place. Now it seems like Jim Carrey is playing the version of Jim Carrey he thinks America wants to see, when what he should be doing is changing it up and reinventing himself for an evolving moviegoing audience.

And that's what it looks like he's doing with this video. Don't let it fool you -- this isn't Jim Carrey losing his mind and going off the deep end. This is a carefully constructed video with some great comedic timing that was planned beforehand and promoted via a press release a few hours after it arrived online. This isn't Jim Carrey going insane -- this is Jim Carrey trying to resurrect his career by attempting to harness the power of the viral video.

Will we see more videos from him? Probably. He already has others up on his official site. Will all the viral love lead to new fans and better film roles? Who knows. But they're definitely entertaining, we'll give him that.

Watch the video below.


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