Jessica Simpson Gets Engaged; Men Everywhere Oddly Don't Care

Jessica Simpson Gets Engaged; Men Everywhere Oddly Don't Care

Nov 15, 2010

There was a time when Jessica Simpson was one of the more sought-after females when it came to male celebrity fantasy dates. Remember back when she did that awful Dukes of Hazzard movie and wore those really tight short-shorts? Ya know, back when she was a household name, meaning that everyone in your household wanted to sleep with her? Unfortunately Jessica decided to take the world's nastiest tumble down a black hole of boringness from there on out, starring in a reality show with ex-husband Nick Lachey that did nothing but make the girl look like a Grade-A Idiot. Naturally, their relationship fell apart after that (probably because Nick was tired of reminding Jessica to breathe in order to stay alive), and ever since then we've watched the gal struggle with her weight, her career and her real-life romances. It's gotten so bad for Ms. Simpson that her biggest role to date is as the girl who screwed up the Dallas Cowboys' playoff chances by showing up to root for her then-boyfriend Tony Romo while subsequently cursing their entire season. Not exactly the kind of part that gets you an Oscar nod these days.

But things may be changing for Jessica, as she's just announced her engagement to another football player, Eric Johnson, with whom she began dating in May. The timing of her announcement was rather convenient since her ex Nick Lachey also recently announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. Hmmm, Lachey says he's engaged, and then two weeks later Jessica says she's engaged? Was this just a coincidence -- a case of comic timing -- or did Jessica want to overshadow her ex hubby in a quest to find the three people who actually still care about this couple and think they're relevant?

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