Jessica Alba Blames Comments on Dolphin; Insults Self in Process

Jessica Alba Blames Comments on Dolphin; Insults Self in Process

Dec 13, 2010

Oh Jessica Alba ... what will we do with you? Not long ago we told you how Alba went off in an interview with Elle magazine in which she bashed first-time directors she had worked with; said she almost quit acting during Fantastic Four; and topped it all off by claiming that screenwriters are essentially useless because no one goes off a script anymore. "Good actors never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say,” Alba apparently told Elle, because that's what they printed.

Naturally we all expected that to come back and bite her in the (unbelievably perfect, we should note) ass, and so it did this past weekend during the Little Fockers press junket. Alba immediately went on the offensive when it came to the screenwriting comments by claiming that "the article" took her statements "completely out of context" before, well, blaming it all on a fake dolphin.

"When I was doing my first job where I was talking to dolphins in The New Adventures of Flipper when I was 13 – it was a fake dolphin, we had a great relationship [laughs] - when he would go off script, the dolphin, I didn’t know how to,” she joked. “He would squeak and I couldn’t squeak back. It took me like 15 years to learn to do that - and lots of therapy."

Ummm ... okay. I guess that explains it all. So basically she's saying that it took her 15 years to learn how to act better than a fake dolphin. Don't quit your day job Jessica ...

...oh wait, strike that -- maybe you should quit your day job.

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