Jesse Eisenberg Doesn't Know If Lex Luthor Is In 'Justice League,' Plus: More Geeky 'BvS' Easter Eggs

Jesse Eisenberg Doesn't Know If Lex Luthor Is In 'Justice League,' Plus: More Geeky 'BvS' Easter Eggs

Mar 31, 2016

Jesse Eisenberg Bald Lex Luthor

When you name a movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and announce a sequel called Justice League before the first movie is even done filming, you're setting up expectations that major elements will carry over to its sequel. And yet that may not quite be the case with Zack Snyder's pair of superhero extravaganzas.

There's no way to get into this without getting into spoilers for Batman v Superman, so...




The end of BvS finds two of its main characters seemingly down and out. Superman is dead, Lex Luthor is in jail. They're not down permanently, of course. Rarely is anything actually permanent in a superhero movie. General Zod died in Man of Steel and even he found a way into BvS. The movie already teases Superman isn't dead in any human sense, so it's safe to assume he's coming back eventually. And then we've got Lex Luthor teasing that he knows of something even worse that's coming to Earth (a cryptic threat that appeared in a deleted scene the studio has already put online), so one would also assume that Lex is coming back, too.

Well, if he is, no one has told Jess Eisenberg. When asked about the sequel, the actor told Business Insider, "I don’t know if they are so settled on where my character goes, I only hope I have another opportunity to work with these wonderful people and play this interesting character."

Considering Justice League begins filming in a matter of weeks, you'd think that if Lex played a big part in it Eisenberg's answer would have been very different. It's also entirely possible that the manic, doom-predicting billionaire doesn't really factor into things until Justice League: Part Two, which is still three years away at this point, so he could easily be brought back into the fold in a year or two.

But if you cannot wait that long to start dissecting every single aspect of Snyder's DC universe, the Internet is, as always, here to help. There's already an eight-minute breakdown of Easter eggs big and small that are peppered throughout BvS. Comic book fans most likely know most of these already, but it's an entertaining watch that points out a ton of tiny references.

If you want to get even nerdier about things, apparently Bruce Wayne's house is on Google Maps [via Geeky Tyrant]. And this isn't just a funny little gag where someone named his house on Google and that's it. You can actually tour around the Batcave like it's a street. Check it out.


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