Jeremy London's Bizarro "Kidnapping," Amanda Bynes Tweet-tires and Young Girls Twi-Harder

Jeremy London's Bizarro "Kidnapping," Amanda Bynes Tweet-tires and Young Girls Twi-Harder

Jun 24, 2010

Jeremy London Kidnapped, “Forced” to do DrugsMallrats and Party of Five star Jeremy London was at the center of the year’s most bizarre story this week when he claimed to have been kidnapped by a gang and forced to do drugs until eventually figuring out a way to escape. London’s claims have come into question by his family, however, who say the troubled actor (and recovering addict) has psychological problems and—gasp!--may be making the entire thing up. London insists his story is true, and cops have even arrested a man on kidnapping charges. Meanwhile, he’s threatened his family with legal action if they continue to say nasty things about him to the press. This sounds like a case for Jay and Silent Bob!

Amanda Bynes Retires from Acting via Twitter Though at one point considered to be a clean and sober version of Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes has since caused a whole bunch of trouble for herself by taking to her Twitter account to announce her retirement from acting. Oh, and she also wants you to know that she loves black guys, too. Ah, Twitter – where would drunken, moronic celebrities be without you? The hilariously troubled career-shattering tweets came amid reports Bynes was fired from her latest film, the Farrelly brothers' Hall Pass, for being a “problem child” (though her reps insist she left due to “scheduling conflicts”). Yeah, something tells me it’s hard to have scheduling conflicts when you don’t have a schedule in the first place. Try again Ms. Bynes.

Megan Fox Dreams of Playing a Bisexual Native American Superhero What do you do when your last couple of films bomb at the box office, but you’re still voted Actress We’d Most Like to Have a One-Night Stand With by college-aged guys across America? Simple … you tell the press that your dream role is to play a lesbian Native American superhero. Rainmaker is the character’s name, though something tells me she doesn’t have the power to make it rain money at the box office. Hey, there’s one thing she has in common with Megan Fox.

Chris Klein Enters Rehab Here’s a shocker: Following his DUI a couple of weeks ago, down-on-his-luck actor Chris Klein has decided to enter rehab in order to get his act together. Klein released a statement asking for privacy while he battles an alcohol addiction, though I don’t think he realizes that 24 hours after he was caught drinking and driving, we didn’t really care anymore. In fact, we stopped caring about Chris Klein back in 2000. So, yeah, have all the privacy you want, dude. Trust me when I say we won’t come callin’.

Twilight Fans Set Up Tent City Awaiting Premiere In anticipation of the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 500 manic Twilight fans have been waiting since Monday set up a tent city outside the Nokia Plaza in downtown Los Angeles to scream their freaky little heads off as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner strut down the red carpet on Thursday night. If you’re a guy hanging out in the midst of this mayhem, you’re either one horny dude, or you have virtually no life. Or maybe both.

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