Jennifer Aniston ... Playing Jennifer Aniston at Age 18

Jennifer Aniston ... Playing Jennifer Aniston at Age 18

Jan 19, 2011

If pictures are supposed to say a thousand words, then I'd love to know what some of the words are behind this one. In this just-released photo spread for Allure magazine, Jennifer Aniston poses in what can only be described as "seductive, teddy bear-lovin, late-90s playboy playmate." She's lettin' in all hang out there, revamping her image -- shouting to the world that, yes, she's still hot. She's 41, but she's still totally hot when airbrushed right.

I don't know, this doesn't freak anyone else out? She looks plastic and trashy. She looks like a background actor in a mid-80s science fiction film about slutty girls from outer space.

Then again ... maybe that's kinda cool. If we're not gonna get a Friends reunion, then heck -- we'll take the mannequin in the store window of a lingerie shop, sure.

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