Jeff Wadlow on 'Kick-Ass 2' and Bringing Star Chloë Moretz Back to the Story

Jeff Wadlow on 'Kick-Ass 2' and Bringing Star Chloë Moretz Back to the Story

May 21, 2012


We've been hearing about the follow-up to the 2010 superhero movie Kick-Ass for some time now, but a few questions surrounding the sequel to the comic book adaptation have left fans in limbo. Would a now 15-year-old Chloë Moretz be returning as the movie's young heroine Hit-Girl? Will Jeff Wadlow — who doesn't have many credits in his filmography yet — be able to pull it off? The folks at ComicBookMovie recently caught up with Wadlow at the Kapow! Comic Convention and the writer-director finally gave fans some answers. In fact, he revealed that part two is already underway, as the filmmaker is currently in London readying for a September shoot date. 
Wadlow also spoke about his direction with the story itself:
" … I had sort of this movie and the comic book and I had to find the intersection. An adaptation was quite a challenge, but one that I really enjoyed and loved. I think the most important thing that's gonna change from the Kick-Ass 2 comic to Kick-Ass 2 the movie was just really finding an emotional story to tell. Because what I certainly loved about the first film, and what I think elevated it above most comic book adaptations, is the heart and the emotion in the film. It was sort of my challenge as the film maker and storyteller to find something as emotional in the second film and I think we have some stuff that people are gonna really respond to." 
And what about the actress at the center of it all? Wadlow says nothing's official yet, but he's currently in talks with Moretz to bring her back to the story. We don't want to spoil things if you haven't read the comic book, but the director shares that he's "quite interested in what happens to her when she's not being Hit-Girl. Her story is a major, major part of the film, and she's excited about the ideas."
It sounds like things are moving along nicely. Do you feel more confident in the director? Are your bets on Moretz making a comeback? Let us know below how you're feeling about Kick-Ass 2.

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