Jean-Claude Van Damme Suffers Heart Attack--?

Jean-Claude Van Damme Suffers Heart Attack--?

Oct 20, 2010

Reports have been circulating that international action star (and professional womanizer) Jean-Claude Van Damme suffered a heart attack earlier this week while on the set of his latest film, Weapon. Word has it the heart attack, which occurred only one day after the actor's 50th birthday, was a minor one, and that Van Damme is now resting up up home, expected to make a full recovery. (JCVD's Facebook page denies this, however, but it's unclear if the Muscles from Brussels wrote on his own page or if it was a fan spouting off.)

The film, which follows a group of rival assassins who band together in the hopes of taking down a DEA-backed drug cartel, was being shot in New Orleans when Van Damme collapsed on set. All attempts to drop kick the heart attack while clubbing it with a pair of nunchucks failed, and Van Damme was instead transferred to the local hospital for testing.

No word yet on whether the hospital staff made the actor perform one of those hardcore twinge-inducing man-splits before being discharged, but just thinking about them gives us the willies.

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