'Jaws' Week Is Here! Watch Clips from the New Blu-ray Before It Hits Shelves Tomorrow

'Jaws' Week Is Here! Watch Clips from the New Blu-ray Before It Hits Shelves Tomorrow

Aug 13, 2012

Welcome to Jaws Week! When it was announced that Steven Spielberg's Jaws was arriving on Blu-ray right smack in the middle of a bustling summer movie season, we thought it'd be perfect to dedicate an entire week to the movie that created the summer blockbuster to begin with. Every day this week we'll be posting an assortment of really fun features tied to the film, its production, its legacy, its fans, its merchandise and so much more. 

We're really excited here at Movies.com to be dedicating an entire week to Steven Spielberg's Jaws. We have a ton of fun posts geared around the film that we'll be unspooling throughout the week in between all our regular stuff, beginning with a brief glance at the beautiful new Jaws Blu-ray that hits shelves tomorrow. We'll be giving out copies of this bad boy real soon (look for the post later on), but before we get to all the hardcore geeking out (and the free merch), here's a taste of what you should expect from the Blu-ray, which remastered and fully restored Jaws from high-resolution 35 mm original film elements.

In short, the thing looks gorgeous. Check it: 

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