Discuss: What Is Your Favorite Scene in 'Jaws'?

Discuss: What Is Your Favorite Scene in 'Jaws'?

Aug 13, 2012

Welcome to Jaws Week! When it was announced that Steven Spielberg's Jaws was arriving on Blu-ray, we thought it'd be perfect to dedicate an entire week to the movie that created the summer blockbuster. Every day this week we'll be posting an assortment of really fun features tied to the film, its production, its legacy, its fans, its merchandise and so much more.

With this being "Jaws Week" at Movies.com, I'm jumping in and devoting some discussions to the classic 1976 film, which hits Blu-ray tomorrow. First up, I'm curious about everyone's favorite scene from Jaws, because the greatest works of cinema tend to offer a lot of iconic images and moments. Jaws is especially rich in memorable scenes, for it works on multiple levels and appeals to numerous tastes. And so there is sure to be a lot of different choices here depending on your love of the drama, the horror, the performances, the cinematography, the dialogue, the plot, etc.

My pick is the scene known as "Father and Son" -- at least that's what its correlating track of the score is called (unavailable before the soundtrack album's 2000 rerelease) -- in which Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) is being mimicked by his younger son, Sean (Jay Mello). Every time I actually watch the scene I'm amazed at how much shorter it is in reality compared with how I remember it. This happens a lot with movie scenes that stick and stay in your mind, I think. Regardless of how quick it is, the moment always struck me, as a youth, as something that wouldn't have made the final cut of more recent Hollywood blockbusters, because it doesn't really advance the plot.

It's a moving little piece of character development, though. One that doesn't appear to be legitimately embeddable (you can see it here) but which has inspired plenty of reenactment videos, as well as at least one artistic rendering. It's a scene that I thought of immediately after learning that I was to have a son, and it's a scene I regularly think of with anticipation for when my kid is old enough to similarly ape my actions (I'm certain he's already trying to dance like his dad at only eight weeks, but this probably isn't the case). My love for this scene is also one of many reasons to hate Jaws: The Revenge, since Sean, by then an adult, is eaten within the first few minutes. 

Here are some responses to the question on Twitter. Please share your own favorite scene below. 

























Watch the Indianapolis speech below ...

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