Japanese Potter, unicorn secrets and recession wreckage

Japanese Potter, unicorn secrets and recession wreckage

Jan 27, 2009

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    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Harry Potter Fact: Trailers are 10 percent more awesome when the narration is in Japanese.
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    Green Hornet

    Seth Rogen This Economy Sucks, Part 1: Apparently I’m not the only one who can’t see Seth Rogen as a masked crime fighter. This comic book flick looks dead. Sort of ironic considering the Hornet is a newspaperman by day – they could have worked his layoff into the plot.
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    New Moon

    Dakota Fanning Dark Side of the Moon You know what child actor I’ve always found to be completely terrifying? Dakota Fanning. Don’t know why, but that kid just gives me the creeps. So I suppose it makes sense that she’s rumored to be playing Volturi vamp Jane. Also, she’s a real vampire. Not really. But maybe.
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    Astro Boy

    This Economy Sucks, Part 2: A big-name cast wasn’t enough to bail out the CG robot ‘toon. They got far enough along in the shoot to cut together a trailer, but production probs and dwindling cash killed Astro Boy. Manga adaptations are the new video game adaptations. Pricey projects that are doomed to fail.
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    Underage Undead Abigail Breslin has a pretty kick-ass life for a 12-year-old. She’s going to be in a zombie movie with Woody Harrelson. When I was her age, the coolest thing I ever did was melt the heads off my old G.I. Joes. Which, even Abigail would have to admit, is pretty kick-ass.
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    Tom and Jerry

    Please Let Tom Win So There’s No Sequel Does a live-action/CGI adaption of the old cartoon surprise you? It shouldn’t. There’re literally no other cartoons left to adapt. Man, I can’t wait for Snorks: The Movie.
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    The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

    Planet Unicorn Wishful Thinking Daniel Craig is starring in Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s long-in-the-works adaptation of the Belgian comic strip. I hope the secret is that Tintin wished for a planet full of unicorns.
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    Charlie's Angels 3 & 4

    Thanks, Drew As if one kick to the groin isn’t enough, you have to plan two unnecessary sequels? This might keep me annoyed through 2014.
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    This Economy Sucks, Part 3: David Fincher’s Benjamin Button could bring home a boatload of Oscars, but the studio might not be lying when they say it might not turn a profit. Now his lost chapter of the Eliot Ness saga has descended into development hell. Maybe after Mr. President is done fixing the economy he can take a crack at Hollywood.
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    Lost Planet

    Breaking the Bank I’ve heard that Lost Planet is some sort of “video” game that the kids play these days. It’s also a movie rumored to be costin’ $200 mil. I don’t buy that for a second. If the Halo movie can’t get off the ground, what chance does this have?

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