'Sweetwater' Trailer: January Jones Goes on a Killing Spree

'Sweetwater' Trailer: January Jones Goes on a Killing Spree

Jul 09, 2013

"January Jones" and "killing spree" aren't exactly things you expect to find paired together, and yet here we are with the International trailer for Sweetwater, a Western starring January Jones as a woman on, well, we already told you. This is no ordinary murderous run, however. Jones plays a woman in the late 1800s whose husband is slaughtered, so she puts on a fancy purple dress and decides to plug holes into a whole mess of unfortunate people who may or may not have had a hand in his demise.

She's not the only one getting in on the killing, either. Ed Harris shows up as a quirky bounty hunter type who also looks to have an itchy trigger finger. Between their flamboyant wardrobes and penchant for murder, you may start to get a Django Unchained vibe off of this, but don't cry rip-off just yet. There's no chance Logan Miller's film even had enough time to knock off Tarantino's latest -- it played at Sundance while Django was still in theaters. There's no USA release date yet, unfortunately, so you'll have to settle for this trailer (or buy the British DVD, under the title Sweet Vengeance), but this does look like one that may be worth keeping an eye on.

Jones can be pretty hit or miss with her roles (she's a black hole of charisma in X-Men: First Class, but a dynamo on Mad Men), but this looks like it could be an enjoyable enough straight-to-video revenge movie regardless of who stars in it. Plus there's Ed Harris, Jason Isaacs and Stephen Root in supporting roles, in case you're not an outright fan of Jones' typically dry delivery.

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