Comic-Con Interview: Jamie Foxx on Spider-Man, 'Annie,' Sinister Six and... a 'Booty Call' Sequel?

Comic-Con Interview: Jamie Foxx on Spider-Man, 'Annie,' Sinister Six and... a 'Booty Call' Sequel?

Jul 19, 2013

Jamie Foxx is a guy you've seen in a lot of big movies lately (Django Unchained, White House Down), and that streak will continue into next year when he tackles his first-ever superhero movie as the villain Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, due out on May 2, 2014. Before wowing the Comic-Con crowd with a lengthy trailer for the film, Foxx sat down with us to talk all about his big, electric superhero debut.

"I already knew so much about the character that I knew if I had a chance to play him, I'd want to make him formidable, meaning that I'd like him to actually be scary," Foxx said about how he approached the character. "I want him to be really angry at Spider-Man so we would have the audience looking at something that's epic." Epic is definitely a good word to describe the monster trailer for the film that teased Foxx's transformation from a lowly employee at Oscorp (who sort of reminds you of Milton from Office Space) to a villain who, after being engulfed by electric eels in a tank full of water, turns into Electro. With a rich blue glow, Electro wreaks havoc on Times Square by floating above the city and firing electricity out of his hands, toppling buildings left and right. 

Essentially he looks like a villain you'll want to keep around for awhile... like, say, for future Spider-Man movies. We asked Foxx if he'll be doing more than one Spider-Man movie, and he definitely didn't count it out. "I'll put it to you this way: you don't really kill electricity; it just goes to another place. You can shut it off, but it's still somewhere. Look, I'm just happy and humbled to be in this one and hopefully do right by the fans in making Electro someone who has different sides. I want people to feel for him, so that when he does turn into Electro, you want to root for him. Whether he comes back again in another film... you know, so be it."
Well, could that other film be a Sinister Six movie? Yesterday director Marc Webb sort of teased that the fourth Spider-Man movie (announced for 2018) could be something different. "We always talked about there being a set of three movies, but there may be elements that expand outside Spider-Man that could fulfill that fourth film," Webb told us. When the topic came up with Foxx, he came right out and championed a Sinister Six movie. "You know, Electro was always tempted by the Sinister Six. So, we'll see." When we pressed him on whether we'll see that specific movie, Foxx replied, "Look, stepping away from it, I would like to see something like that. That would make it like, okay, the big guys are coming to play."
Considering Foxx is about to star in what may be his biggest film to date, we took a brief stroll down memory lane to talk about one of his smallest (but most memorable) roles in the comedy Booty Call. Does he still celebrate that more comedic time in his career? "You have to celebrate Booty Call," Foxx declared. "Even when I was in Booty Call, I was saying to myself 'I may never do another movie, but I'm gonna try to get all I can out of this.' Look man, with Booty Call, I remember people were knocking it when it first came out, but I was just trying to get on. You use those moments. Don't ever forget those types of films... I mean, we could do Booty Call 2. Here they are, they're 45 years old and they're getting back out there again." When we pointed out his championing of a new, well-deserved Booty Call franchise, Foxx spit back the sequel's title: "Booty Called."
As versatile as Foxx seems to be these days, there are still projects he's trying to make happen, including an adaptation of the comic character Spawn, as well as a biopic about Mike Tyson. "Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I'm aggressively pursuing them," he told us.
One thing he is lined up to do is play a new take on the "Daddy" Warbucks character in an updated version of the movie-musical Annie opposite Beasts of the Southern Wild breakout star Quvenzhané Wallis. On Annie, Foxx had this to say: "They're doing it 2014/2015-style, so more updated. "Daddy" Warbucks is now going to be called Stacks. It's interesting because they're getting Jay-Z involved, Pharrell involved -- making it a little hipper," he said. Foxx also revealed they'll be using a mix of the existing music and some new stuff. "[They're] using eight of the original songs, but also creating four new songs for the franchise. I think it's really gonna land nice," adding that he'll "have a hand" in creating all the music. 
You can listen to the full interview below, and pay attention at around the 7:50 mark to hear Foxx do a little of Electro's voice via the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" nursery rhyme. Check out all of our 2013 San Diego Comic-Con coverage right here.




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