Movie News: Jamie Foxx Ready to Sing Again in 'Annie;' Quentin Tarantino's Stolen 'Pulp Fiction' Car Found; 'Iron Man 3' Clip

Movie News: Jamie Foxx Ready to Sing Again in 'Annie;' Quentin Tarantino's Stolen 'Pulp Fiction' Car Found; 'Iron Man 3' Clip

Apr 30, 2013


Annie: Jamie Foxx may play a “variation” on Daddy Warbucks in the upcoming musical adaptation Annie. Young Academy Award-nominated actress Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) is already set to play the titlular role of a little orphan girl for producers Will Smith and Jay-Z. If the negotiations are successful, Foxx would be singing on-screen for the first time since 2006’s Dreamgirls. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sugar Bandits: Filmmaker Joe Carnahan, who scored a one-two action punch with The A-Team and The Grey a couple of years ago but has since seen other potential projects such as Daredevil fall through, is now in talks to direct Sugar Bandits, based on a novel by Chuck Hogan (The Town, adapted into Ben Affleck’s movie). The story revolves around a group of war veterans who team up to rip off local drug dealers. [Heat Vision]

Pulp Fiction: Some 17 years ago, a classic Chevy driven by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction was stolen outside the Los Angeles home of director Quentin Tarantino. Now, it’s been found in Oakland, California, and will be returned to Tarantino, the rightful owner. The car is the one that Travolta’s character took on a date with Uma Thurman and crashed into the home of drug dealer Eric Stolz. [The Guardian]

Pulp Fiction

Iron Man 3 Clip: If you’re planning a plane trip in the near future, you may not want to watch the newest clip from Iron Man 3, which features 13 people falling through the sky from a jet burning in midair. But we have the utmost confidence that everyone will survive, with the cool, calm and collected Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) ready to help. The movie opens wide on Friday. [Bleeding Cool]

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