'Saw' Director James Wan in Talks to Helm 'MacGyver' Feature for New Line

'Saw' Director James Wan in Talks to Helm 'MacGyver' Feature for New Line

Nov 12, 2012

MacGyverGet your useless household doodads ready, because the MacGyver movie is once again moving forward.

Richard Dean Anderson played everyone’s favorite mullet-sporting crime fighter – serving as a member of a fictional government agency known as the Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver never used weapons in the traditional sense – he was more likely to thwart your dastardly plans using the ball of lint, cigarette lighter, three pennies and ballpoint pen he found in his pocket. This technical know-how and those feathered locks made him a television darling for seven seasons.

Variety reports that New Line has approached Saw cocreator James Wan about directing the feature based on the series. The studio is pleased with the filmmaker’s recent output, including his upcoming feature The Conjuring.

Wan might seem like a strange choice to direct a MacGyver film at first glance, but it sort of makes sense in a way. MacGyver loved to use random objects in less than obvious ways to get out of tight spots and stop bad guys. Jigsaw, meanwhile, loved to use random objects in diabolical ways to make people appreciate life before they died a horrific death. It’s mostly just a perspective shift if you look at it the right way.

We’ll have to wait and see if Wan officially boards the project or not. We’re not sure there’s a huge contingent of fans out there clamoring for a MacGyver film, but we’d be more interested in seeing what it was all about if Wan was calling the shots.

What say you, readers? Is MacGyver ready for a 21st century makeover or is this one television relic that should remain buried in the past. 

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