James Wan to Direct 'The Conjuring 2' and Potentially a DC Comics Movie

James Wan to Direct 'The Conjuring 2' and Potentially a DC Comics Movie

Oct 21, 2014

Last week brought news that James Wan had a fantasy of returning to the Saw franchise that launched his career, but for unknown reasons that wasn't likely anytime soon. Last week also brought news that Warner Bros. was planning on making 10 DC Comics superhero movies over the next few years. These two news items were seemingly unrelated at the time, except today brings news that potentially wraps everything up in a nice bow.

Deadline is reporting that James Wan will not only be directing The Conjuring 2, which will film in the summer of 2015, but that he's signed a big first-look producing deal with New Line Cinema, which is owned by Warner Bros. Basically this means that the studio will have the first crack at any new projects Wan decides to develop, which can mean more hit horror movies like Annabelle and The Conjuring, but there's one crucial detail from New Line head honcho Toby Emmerich that stands out:

 “James will make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros or DC, and that is definitely part of the plan, and a reason for bringing him into the family. He’s the only overall director with a deal here, because we see him as a class of one.”

That "or DC" caveat may seem like a throwaway, but keep in mind two things. Wan just finished his first megablockbuster with Fast & Furious 7, so he's now cut his teeth on that scale of filmmaking. Second, Warner Bros. currently only has two directors attached to its roster of superhero movies (Zack Snyder and David Ayer). The studio needs veteran directors who can deliver movies with strong personalities on a tight budget in a tight timeline, and so Wan makes absolute perfect sense. The question is, what hero is he best suited for?

Shazam cast a villain (Black Adam, to be played by Dwayne Johnson) before it even cast its hero, which would imply that movie has a darker, antihero bend to it, which certainly seems up Wan's alley. Plus, it's the only one of the DC Comics movies to be a New Line coproduction. But we'd also be totally game for him to go big and weird on something like Aquaman. Either way, we're excited to see that he's got a cozy home at a big studio and that it's ready to let him do even bigger things.

But what say you? What Warner Bros. movie would you like to see James Wan direct? Keep in mind, the studio also has two Harry Potter spin-off movies in the works that don't currently have directors.





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