James Franco's Next Project Will Be About One of the Worst Movies Ever Made

James Franco's Next Project Will Be About One of the Worst Movies Ever Made

Feb 10, 2014


Universally dubbed one of the worst movies ever made, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room became a cult oddity due to a bewildering plot (the rules of screenwriting were gloriously abandoned), performances (including the director, who is a cross between an aging goth and a drunk cyborg), and in every other aspect imaginable. The bizarre indie romantic drama stands out in a sea of bad movies because Wiseau somehow managed to screw things up with a $6 million budget. That’s more money than most indie efforts will ever see, and that makes The Room almost sublime in how inept it is.

Now, word comes from Deadline that James Franco will direct an adaptation of The Disaster Artist, actor Greg Sestero’s memoir about his time starring in The Room. No cast has been confirmed at this time, but we hope Wiseau plays along. An Instagram from Franco suggests that he’ll be playing a part, along with brother Dave. Anyway… how’s your sex life? Feel free to leave your stupid comments about this news in your pocket, but we’d prefer you share them with us.




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