Watch: James Franco Directed This Weird Music Video Inspired by 'The Island of Doctor Moreau'

Watch: James Franco Directed This Weird Music Video Inspired by 'The Island of Doctor Moreau'

Mar 20, 2013

In December, artist and filmmaker Brian Butler performed Aleister Crowley’s Bartzabel Working ritual for the L&M Arts gallery space in Venice Beach, California. Naturally, because he's not already busy enough, James Franco participated in the ceremony/art performance. The occult collaboration continued with experimental filmmaking icon Kenneth Anger on a video for James Franco and Tim O'Keefe's band, Daddy.

Producer Ted James remixed "Love in the Old Days," which features Anger as a "Priest of Darkness," presiding over a masked ceremony based on Anton LaVey’s Das Tierdrama ritual — inspired by The Island of Doctor Moreau. Butler joined them in the Franco-directed video and also served as the creative director.

Franco may join the artist for a feature film called King Death. We're wondering if it's a spin on Jorg Buttgereit's Der Todesking (Death King). A horror geek can dream, right? In a chat with Interview, Franco talked about his creative admiration for Anger and discussed the video concept further:

"I was asked to do project about a marriage. I wanted to do two marriages and call it The Marriage of Heaven and Hell after Blake. I could think of no one better to preside over the marriage of Hell than Anger. He is a force. A fusion of art, pop culture, magik and sex. He is the voyeur king."

Pay tribute to Satan in the below video.

Warning: NSFW for nudity.

[via Dangerous Minds]

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