Listen: James Franco Talks 'Spider-Man' Rejection, Oscars Hate, Kissing Sean Penn and More

Listen: James Franco Talks 'Spider-Man' Rejection, Oscars Hate, Kissing Sean Penn and More

Mar 26, 2013

You never know what you're going to get with a Howard Stern interview. The man is all over the place when it comes to his interview style, often cutting off the people he's talking to while they're right in the middle of a story because he wants to take the conversation in another direction. That basically sums up the 90-minute (!) chat he had with James Franco earlier this week -- a conversation that's at times silly and serious and thought-provoking, and no doubt a great way to learn more about an artist whose eccentricities the media has overdosed on these past couple of years. 

Of course Stern wanted to know if Franco had sex with any of his Spring Breakers costars (he didn't), and of course there's a lengthy chat about what went wrong when he cohosted the Oscars with Anne Hathaway, as well as why he thinks so many people dislike the actress. Some of the stuff we found most interesting was Franco's story about not landing the Peter Parker role in the first Spider-Man (his manager dropped him because he called his office so many times looking for updates on the part) and the great deal of time he spent talking about why he decided to return to school while enjoying a successful career as a Hollywood actor.

The interview is available to listen to on YouTube above. The general order of the conversation goes something like this: 

1. Franco's life growing up

2. Not landing the Spider-Man movie (20 minutes in)

3. Oscars and the Hathaway haters. (33 minutes in)

4. Going back to school (44 minutes in)

5. Creating short films for school, including the time he made a short featuring a guy going to the bathroom and snuck it into his school's film festival without telling them. (50 minutes in)

6. More Spring Breakers and Oscar talk (1:07)

7. What it was like to kiss Sean Penn in Milk. (1:21)

Definitely worth listening to if you have some time to kill today. Those who never understood Franco or thought less of him because of all the projects he's involved with will learn more about all that and possibly walk away with a newfound respect for the guy. 

At least we did.


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