James Cameron Wants Everything in 3-D

James Cameron Wants Everything in 3-D

Nov 03, 2010

Slowly but surely, we've gotten somewhat used to the influx of 3-D movies at the box office, even though we haven't gotten used to the higher ticket prices. Obviously this is what Hollywood wants to invest their time and money in (because the amount they get on their return goes up significantly), and we're just pawns along for the ride.

Do we really need 3-D? No. We still would've gone to see the new James Cameron film with or without the extra dimension, though from a business standpoint for both the studios and theater owners, I can see what all the fuss is about. And that's fine, so long as we moviegoers still have options when it comes to how we watch our movies.

According to James Cameron, though, there won't be an option in about 8-10 years when, as he recently told a group at Blu-Con, that he feels everyone will be watching all their media through glasses-less 3-D. EVERYONE!

That means you, and you, and you, and ... the other four people who read this column daily. Yes, all of you. To make matters worse, Cameron also teased 3-D conversions of classic films like Jaws and E.T., and then he literally ripped your childhood from its bed and shook it violently until it accepted 3-D as the way of the future.

Is James Cameron insane? Probably. But he's invested a ton in 3-D technology, so that's why he's the format's top-selling door-to-door salesman right now. Will all of his visions of 3-D sugarplums and simulated Na'vi porn come true? Hopefully not, since there is still something to be said for watching a film in 2-D without all the bells, whistles, headaches, and ... well, I bet that simulated Na'vi porn would look pretty cool in 3-D, huh? Damn you James Cameron! Okay, I'm in.

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