James Cameron Plans 4 'Avatar' Books, Also Believes All Entertainment Will Eventually Be 3D

James Cameron Plans 4 'Avatar' Books, Also Believes All Entertainment Will Eventually Be 3D

Aug 22, 2013

Statistics show that audiences are opting to see 3D movies in 2D at an increasing rate. No one tell James Cameron that, though. You might burst his bubble. What bubble? Oh, just the one where all future entertainment will be in 3D. That's what the director/pioneer recently told the BBC, anyway.

"For me it's absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D. It'll all be 3D eventually, because that's how we see the world. That's my sort sort of answer based on faith, but it's actually quite logical because that's how we see the world."

Cameron goes on to talk about how the last few Oscars for cinematography have all gone to 3D films, but that audiences aren't getting that award-worthy quality across the board because it's being eroded by inconsistent presentation in theaters and bad conversion jobs. And we agree with him on that point, at least. Bad 3D experiences are becoming more and more frequent, so it only makes sense that audiences are just opting for the reliable nature of 2D. Will that ever change? Who knows? Well, James Cameron knows. We're just not sure we're ready to trust him yet.

And speaking of Cameron, he's spinning off Avatar into a series of four stand-alone novels. No, the novels will not be in 3D. I guess we're not far enough into the future for all entertainment to be 3D yet.

The novels will be written by Steven Gould (Jumper) and will function to expand the universe of Avatar. And though they likely won't have direct continuity to the Avatar sequels in the works (meaning you won't need to read a book to understand what's going on between movies), Gould is working with Cameron and his team of screenwriters to make sure that they do fit in with what's going on in the big screen.

Avatar 2 hits theaters December 2016, though there is currently no date for when the first Avatar book will hit store shelves.



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