'Rubicon' Star James Badge Dale to Play a Cyborg in 'Iron Man 3'

'Rubicon' Star James Badge Dale to Play a Cyborg in 'Iron Man 3'

May 16, 2012

James Badge Dale hasn't exactly become a household name yet, but the actor has been having a great last few years. He was one of the central characters in HBO's WWI mini-series The Pacific, he starred in the short-lived AMC conspiracy series Rubicon (I'm still bitter about this show only lasting one season), and then he made the jump to the big screen with small roles in both Shame, as Fassbender's sleazy boss, and The Grey, as the man Liam Neeson helps usher on his way.

Well, that jump just keeps on growing. He can now add to his list of future projects, which already includes World War Z and The Lone Ranger; Iron Man 3.

Variety is reporting the 35-year-old actor will be playing a character by the name of Eric Savin, who astute Iron Man comic fans might recognize as the villain Coldblood. In the comics, he steps on a land mine and ends up having half his body replaced with cybernetics. However, it's entirely unclear at this point if the movie will be following that same storyline or not, or if Savin will even be the central villain in the whole thing. Guy Pearce, Ben Kinglsey and Rebecca Hall also all have sizeable roles in the Shane Black-directed film, and the significance of each of their roles isn't entirely clear at this point, either.

No worries, though. After the way The Avengers turned out, we think it's safe to say that Marvel knows how to do right by its characters.

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