This Jake Gyllenhaal Image Will Freak You Out

This Jake Gyllenhaal Image Will Freak You Out

Apr 24, 2013

We've all been told before about someone who looks exactly like us. Just recently friends of mine were visiting Pixar and they wouldn't stop talking about how the director of Monsters University is my exact double. Scary thing, he kinda is. These are the themes that will be explored in the upcoming Jake Gyllenhaal movie An Enemy, which finds the actor playing a guy who goes in search of his exact physical double after spotting him in a movie. It's being billed as a thriller, and if this freaky image is any indication it would appear Jake Gyllenhaal will be confronting (and maybe -- hopefully -- fighting) Jake Gyllenhaal at some point.

An Enemy is the first of two upcoming movies Gyllenhaal filmed with director Denis Villenueve (Incendies), with the other being Prisoners (September 20), about a man who kidnaps the person he thinks is behind the disappearance of his daughter and her friend. Both films sound intriguing, and we're especially itching for more info about An Enemy and why there are two Jake Gyllenhaal's running around. 

An Enemy is slated for international release in early September, so expect it to arrive somewhere around then. Until that time, check out the pic above and let us know which Jake Gyllenhaal you think would win in a fight? [via Playlist]


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