Wow, Jaimie Alexander Dressed As the 'Showgirls' Movie Poster for the 'Thor: The Dark World' Premiere

Wow, Jaimie Alexander Dressed As the 'Showgirls' Movie Poster for the 'Thor: The Dark World' Premiere

Nov 05, 2013

While her role in the Thor movies gets a bit of a boost thanks to Thor: The Dark World, fans will most likely walk out of this Marvel sequel wanting to see lots more of Jaimie Alexander... especially after they see what she wore to the film's premiere this week. As the Asgardian warrior Sif, Alexander plays one of the toughest (and sexiest) women in the ongoing Marvel cinematic universe, and if Thor: The Dark World sets anything up regarding Sif, it's that future sequels could see her playing a very important role in Thor's life.

Additionally, recent rumors pegged Alexander as having met with the DC folks regarding a potential role in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie (Wonder Woman?), though Alexander waved off any kind of official chatter with one of those standard -- and we're paraphrasing here -- "I'm just happy to be a part of these kinds of movies." Yeah, right. Just say you want your own solo superhero movie and tell us where to sign the petition. 

So while we wait to see if Alexander's presence in the Marvel or DC cinematic universes expands beyond Thor: The Dark World, let us instead comment on her choice of outfit for the film's premiere because it's pretty awesome. We have absolutely no confirmation that Ms. Alexander walked into a dress shop and told the shopkeeper to make her up something "that looks just like the movie poster for Showgirls," but that is indeed what we have here in this brilliant little black number that screams, "Show me a bigger role in the sequel!"

Oh, indeed. Show it, girl. You earned it.


[image via @NotoriousJLD, hat tip to @Brian70984]




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