Watch and Learn: Jackie Chan's Greatest Stunts

Watch and Learn: Jackie Chan's Greatest Stunts

Jan 07, 2013

We've all seen plenty of martial arts montages in our day. Anyone can string together a bunch of clips of people jumping over things and kicking people in the face, but we're not talking about just anyone and we're not just talking about your average montage. This is Cinemassacre's tribute to Jackie Chan; a countdown of the action veteran's greatest stunts.

What really makes this video worth watching, though, isn't just Chan's showmanship, it's the respect for Chan that accompanies the clips. The Cinemassacre commenter is obviously a big fan of the star's work and has a handful of trivia to add to most of the stunts. Did you know that in Armor of God, Jackie Chan's tree jump resulted in brain surgery and a permanent plastic plug in his skull? Or that the bus in Police Story didn't stop short enough, causing the extra stuntmen to all fall onto asphalt instead of the rigged car?

Check out the clip below for a pretty great reminder of why Jackie Chan is one of the greatest action stars cinema has ever had. And cross your fingers that he might still have some of this stunt magic left in him for The Expendables 3.

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