See 'Jack Reacher's Worlds Collide In the First Few Pages From 'Everyone Talks'

See 'Jack Reacher's Worlds Collide In the First Few Pages From 'Everyone Talks'

Jan 30, 2017

If you've only ever read Lee Child's Jack Reacher books, then you may think Tom Cruise an odd choice to play the character. It's purely a physical difference, with the book version of Reacher, a former Army MP who now wanders America seeking justice, being written as a giant of a man whose sheer might can kill with one punch. Cruise, as we can all plainly see, is not a one-punch-kill giant. 

And yet he's still an utterly fantastic Jack Reacher. Despite the physical difference between the two, Cruise plays him with such presence and command that the character still feels larger than life and capable of anything. He's quiet and understated. He listens more than he talks. He fights only when he has to. And when he throws a punch, you know whoever is on the receiving end really, really, really deserves it.

Up until now, book Jack Reacher and movie Jack Reacher have existed somewhat separately. But this week the literary and cinematic worlds merge in a pretty cool way. If you pick up Jack Reacher: Never Goes Back on Blu-ray, you'll also be getting "Everyone Talks," a sort of mini Jack Reacher graphic novel written by Lee Child with illustrations of Cruise as Reacher by artist Owen Freeman. 

The "Everyone Talks" booklet is 18 pages long, but we've got the first few pages for you to check out now.

[Click any image to enlarge.]

If you want to see how "Everyone Talks" plays out, all you need to do is grab a copy of Jack Reacher: Never Goes Back on Blu-ray, out this week.

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