Adam Sandler Sweeps Razzie Awards with Unfunny Cross-Dressing Comedy 'Jack and Jill'

Adam Sandler Sweeps Razzie Awards with Unfunny Cross-Dressing Comedy 'Jack and Jill'

Apr 02, 2012

Most of us have recovered from Adam Sandler's horrendous Jack and Jill, which hit theaters last November. That is, those of us who actually took a chance on it (or had to see it for our jobs, ahem), considering Sandler's recent rocky history — which has included such gems as last year's Bucky Larson (which he wrote and produced) and 2010's Just go with It (which he starred in, wrote, and produced). Both of the aforementioned movies earned the former SNL star two Razzie Awards — the golden statues (spray painted gold, even) recognizing the worst in cinema.

The L.A. Times reports that Sandler can add another Razzie to his award cabinet for Jack and Jill — a film which found the actor playing a square executive type and his own dysfunctional twin sister. The Times shares that the cross-dressing comedy swept the Razzies, becoming the first truly terrible film to take every category. Those wins include: Worst Actor and Actress (Sandler), Worst Supporting Actor (Al Pacino — shame on him!), Worst Supporting Actress (David Spade), Worst Director (Dennis Dugan), and several others for a total of seven in all. The awards were handed out yesterday — April Fool's Day — which should hopefully tell Sandler something about his career being a complete joke.

Will this Razzie sweep drive him to create more drivel? Let's hope not.

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