J.J. Abrams' 'Action Movie FX' Gives iPhone Filmmakers Big Budget FX for a Low Price

J.J. Abrams' 'Action Movie FX' Gives iPhone Filmmakers Big Budget FX for a Low Price

Dec 29, 2011

Director JJ AbramsIf you’ve been shooting epic films with your iPhone, but felt like you really needed more special FX in your smartphone blockbuster, you should start thanking director JJ Abrams now.

Abrams, the filmmaker who gave us the Star Trek reboot, has just released his first iPhone app through his Bad Robot production company. Titled Action Movie FX, the new tool will allow users to insert some pretty nifty special effects shots into their iPhone movies.

Using the app is really quite simple – users just shoot at least five seconds of footage (preferably with a steady camera on a flat surface – right now, we bet someone is working on creating a steadicam app…), select an effect, and Action Movie FX does everything else – leaving the creator with a scene filled with special effects sure to wow their friends and family.

The app is free and comes with two free effects, “Missile Attack!” and “Car Smash.” Extra effects can be purchased through the app in a “two effects for $.99” pricing scheme. So far, two packages are available – “Chopper Down”/”Tornado” and “Air Strike”/”Firefight” – and more are reported to be on the way.

Lest you think these are some cheesy, rinky-dink visual effects, realize that “Missile Attack!” and “Car Smash” were inspired and modeled after effects from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Seriously, the app looks pretty cool and we can already imagine a million silly things we’d do with it. Don’t just take our word for it, though – check out the video below, which shows the app in action. 

[via THR]

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