Update: That J.J. Abrams Mystery Trailer Was for a Book Called 'S.'

Update: That J.J. Abrams Mystery Trailer Was for a Book Called 'S.'

Sep 09, 2013

Update 9/9/13: A second trailer for this project hit online today (embedded below), confirming that it's for a book called S., conceived by J.J. Abrams and written by Doug Dorst, hitting store shelves on October 29, 2013. The book itself sounds a bit like Mark Z. Danielewski's brilliant House of Leaves, in that it is a mystery that unravels itself using notes and references made by fictitious parties.


Oh, that J.J. Abrams and his "Mystery Box" -- what will it bring us next? Considering the fact that Abrams' production company Bad Robot is involved in all sorts of projects, from television shows to movies, it's hard to tell what this new, mysterious teaser trailer is, well, teasing.

It's titled Stranger, and it seems to follow a man who goes missing and then reappears with his lips sewn shut, followed by the text "Soon he will know," perhaps alluding to this man's journey to figure out who he is, where he came from and why his lips are sewn shut... cause that kinda sucks.

If we were to guess, this is tied to a new television show Bad Company is working on. No, we don't think it's in any way related to Star Wars (so squash those dorky thoughts right now), but it's definitely intriguing. From the Lost-style piano cues to a dude with his lips sewn shut, color us interested in knowing more about this.

We're not always fans of the way Abrams uses his "Mystery Box," but we like to be teased. We like to stretch our imaginations. Unfortunately, more times than not, we like that better than the finished product. Where do you see this going, and what do you think it's tied to -- a TV show, a movie or something else entirely?

Update: Apparently it was something else entirely, as multiple reports are suggesting this teaser is linked to a book called S., by Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams. From the L.A. Times: “Abrams conceived of and developed a multilayered literary puzzle of love and adventure. At its core, we have a book of mysterious provenance. In the margins, another tale unfolds: hand-scribbled notes, questions, and confrontations between two readers. Between the pages, online, and in the real world, you’ll find evidence of their interaction, ephemera that brings this tale vividly to life.” 





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