J.J. Abrams Made an Island Disappear; Now He Wants to Make Earth Disappear

J.J. Abrams Made an Island Disappear; Now He Wants to Make Earth Disappear

Jun 12, 2012

JJ AbramsJJ Abrams is hard at work getting his Star Trek sequel ready for its May 2013 release date, and we know from a recent Damon Lindelof interview that he’s already considering ideas for a third Trek feature, but that doesn’t mean the director isn’t looking at other projects. The filmmaker has recently lined up two new features he'll produce. 

Abrams’ Bad Robot production company is currently linked to two very different, but very cool-sounding films: a Nazi-hunter movie entitled Wunderkind and the small sci-fi flick God Particle. Read on for all the details we could dig up about these projects…

Wunderkind is an action-thriller set up at Paramount. Based on a spec script by writer Patrick Aison, the film is set in the 1970s and “follows a young Nazi hunter with the CIA and an older Nazi hunter working for the Mossad. The two become reluctantly intertwined in their hunt.”

Comparisons to the film Marathon Man seem inevitable, but we’ll admit to being intrigued by the premise of the film. There haven’t been many films about Nazi hunters – and a new one could do quite well if handled properly. There are no director’s attached to Wunderkind yet, but it seems unlikely that Abrams will personally direct.

Also on the docket is God Particle – a sci-fi thriller wherein a Hadron Accelerator causes the Earth to disappear. That’s bad news for the Americans living on an orbiting space station – who wonder what happened to the planet and if it’s coming back. Things get even stranger when a European spaceship shows up on their radar – because it may not be the rescue they’re hoping for.

The premise of God Particle sounds solid, but we’re a little concerned by news that Paramount intends to make the film for under $5 million as part of its new Insurge Pictures micro-budgeted line. Modestly budgeted films have done quite well recently (The Devil Inside, The Woman in Black, etc.), but they're hardly a sure thing. Something like God Particle sounds as if it might benefit from a slightly larger pool of funds. The fact that it’s being made so cheaply basically precludes Abrams from joining the list of possible directors. This one will get farmed off to an up-and-comer, most likely.

We’ll have to wait and see how both films progress through the early stages of development, but we think both of these projects are a good fit for Abrams’ production company. What do you think? Any interest in either of these projects or are you disappointed there’s still no movement on a Cloverfield sequel? 

[via GeekTyrant, Vulture]

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