'Blade Runner' and More Sci-fi Classics Get a Cartoon Makeover

'Blade Runner' and More Sci-fi Classics Get a Cartoon Makeover

Aug 12, 2012

Sometimes deviantART isn't totally hopeless, as in the case of artist Ïve Bastrash who has created cartoon-style illustrations based on famous cult-film posters. His Cinemarium series focuses on all the sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies we love — like Alien, Terminator and Raiders of the Lost Ark — trading realism for expressive lifework and anime-sized eyes. Basically, they're fun to look at, and we can't say no to a cartoony Ripley or Arnie.

Check out a few of the artworks below, which we spotted via Design Taxi, then head to Bastrash's website if you're curious to see his portfolio. Show him some love, if you dig it.





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