It's Official! Daniel Craig and Danny Boyle, Together Again for 'Bond 25'

It's Official! Daniel Craig and Danny Boyle, Together Again for 'Bond 25'

May 25, 2018


Update 2: It's official! Daniel Craig will reprise his role as a British secret agent under the direction of Danny Boyle in the 25th James Bond film, per EON Productions. Production is scheduled to begin on December 3, 2018, with the film still set to release in the U.S. on November 8, 2019.

Both Craig and Boyle have previously confirmed their involvement with the film, so what's really new is the production start date and the announcement that Universal Pictures will handle international distribution. (MGM will distribute in the U.S.) John Hodge's screenplay obviously turned out well.

Now the speculation can turn to what sort of adventure we'll be seeing next year. In SPECTRE, Bond became enmeshed in a conspiracy of competing organizations attempting to control the world. Ultimately Bond set things right, of course, but with the next movie likely representing Craig's last outing in the role, we're very curious to see what Boyle and Hodge have cooked up.

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Update 1: Danny Boyle confirmed that he is now working on a the next installment in the James Bond series. He told Metro US: "We’ve got an idea, John Hodge, the screenwriter, and I have got this idea, and John is writing it at the moment. And it all depends on how it turns out. …  Bond would be right at the end of the year."

Boyle and Hodge have collaborated frequently over the years, most recently on T2: Trainspotting. The filmmaker is also working on a script with Richard Curtis (Love, Actually), which he hopes to start shooting in six or seven weeks.

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After falling short with his recent Trainspotting follow-up, Danny Boyle might get a chance at a sure-thing sequel. According to Variety, the Oscar-winning director of Slumdog Millionaire is MGM's first choice for the gig helming the 25th (official) James Bond feature. Boyle is a name that has been tossed around for the job over the years given that he's British and has consistently delivered crowd-pleasing entertainments, even if on much smaller scale than a 007 action blockbuster. 

Plus Boyle has not only shown an affinity for these movies -- see Ewan McGregor's impression of Sean Connery as 007 in the first Trainspotting -- but he's actually sort of already done a James Bond short film with part of the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics. He directed the whole event, including the segment titled "Happy and Glorious," which featured Daniel Craig as Bond escorting Queen Elizabeth II to the Olympic Stadium. 

Variety points out that Boyle has always wanted this, and with that Olympics bit, he showed that he has the chops for the job, despite never helming a full-on action movie -- there are some action sequences in his sci-fi thriller Sunshine and the zombie flick 28 Days Later but nothing on the level of expectations for a Bond installment. And he got to work specifically with Craig, who is definitely returning for at least one more reprisal of his embodiment of 007, his fifth in the role, before passing the torch to yet another actor.

Boyle isn't a done deal for the next movie; he hasn't even been offered a deal. But with this being the special occasion of the 25th installment, MGM wants someone appropriately signifiant. And unfortunately for a lot of his hopeful fans, Christopher Nolan confirmed this week that he's no longer in the running. Variety acknowledges that the lesser-known Yann Demange ('71) is still a back up choice if Boyle doesn't pan out. We'd previously heard about him as a frontrunner alongside Denis Villeneuve and David Mackenzie.

A final decision will need to be made soon, as the still untiled "Bond 25" is already slated for release for next year, specifically on November 8, 2019.

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