It's About Time: Van Damme Versus Aliens

It's About Time: Van Damme Versus Aliens

Aug 15, 2011

UFO PosterWhy did it take so long to get Jean-Claude Van Damme in spaaaaaaace ... ? According to Variety, The Muscles from Brussels will be battling aliens for the upcoming Dominic Burns film, UFO. The Airborne director is taking to the sky for the British sci-fi tale about a group of friends who awaken to a "city size" spacecraft that has settled above them -- V style. Burns is describing the film as "Independence Day meets Monsters, told from the point of view of Signs," and he chose Van Damme for the part of a military advisor who is brought out of retirement to uncover the truth about the strange visitor.

Bianca Bree, Simon Phillips, Andrew Shim, Peter Barratt, Forbes KB, Jazz Lintott, Maya Grant, and Pierce Brosnan's son Sean (with more names to be announced) will also star as the pals who wake up to a power outage and an earthquake before realizing that a spaceship has set up camp in the sky above. UFO is currently filming in Derbyshire in the UK and is expected to hit theaters some time in 2012. Burns is working from his own script.

Mabrouk El Mechri's JCVD was the last great film Van Damme starred in and was a direction I was hoping to see more of for him, but the action flick is his bread and butter. After seeing the actor kickbox, shoot, and breakdance his way across the big screen, watching him put the beat down on some aliens should be highly entertaining. Are you with me on this one?

[hat tip to Twitch for additional info]

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