Rival Films About the Football-Concussion Controversy Are Already Underway

Rival Films About the Football-Concussion Controversy Are Already Underway

Nov 15, 2013

Isaiah WashingtonThe long-lasting effects of concussions and hits to the head have been a hot-button topic in the NFL for the past few years (with the league recently paying almost a billion dollars as part of a legal settlement with players), so it’s only natural that Hollywood has decided to explore the issue in a fictional way.

Ridley Scott is developing a project on the topic – one said to be in the same vein as Michael Mann’s The Insider. However, the recently prolific Scott won’t be the only guy tackling the issue. He’ll be facing competition from Isaiah Washington and Michael Cherry as the duo prepares to make Game Time Decision. Given that Cherry is a former NFL player (he spent the 2004 season as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals), maybe viewers will get an insider’s look at the story.

The plot breakdown for the film is as follows:

“Washington will play a retired professional football player suffering from a degenerative brain disease who attempts to reconnect with his estranged son to warn him about returning to play a game too soon after sustaining a concussion.”

The whole thing sounds a little bit After School Special based on that blurb, but it’s just a synopsis. It hard to imagine Washington’s film competing with a Scott production, but since this is a serious issue affecting players at all levels of the game, there’s nothing wrong with having multiple stories dealing with the dangers of head injuries sustained while playing football.

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