What Pixar Thinks of "The Pixar Theory" That Suggests All of Its Movies Share the Same Universe

What Pixar Thinks of "The Pixar Theory" That Suggests All of Its Movies Share the Same Universe

Oct 23, 2013

Fans of Pixar's movies are forever obsessing over all the little whatsits and whosits hidden within each film. Back in 2009, folks even began charting a new course regarding a theory that all of Pixar's movies are connected to one another because they're all set in the same universe. These sorts of conversations have been going on inside online message boards for a few years now, especially as Pixar drops creative nods to its previous and upcoming movies inside each new release. Then, in July of this year, a guy named John Negroni decided to kick things up a notch by outlining the exact specifics of how each Pixar movie is connected to the others, and now there's actually an interactive website that guides you through what's known as "The Pixar Theory" for those who feel like getting lost inside the rabbit hole for awhile.

It's all pretty cool and super nerdy, but what do the people at Pixar actually think of "The Pixar Theory"? Is there any truth to it all, or is it complete nonsense? We asked Monsters University director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae exactly that, and we weren't at all surprised to learn they were aware of the fan theory. "Somebody actually explained part of it to me," Scanlon told us. "It's a funny idea, but we would've had to be insane geniuses to have plotted that out." Rae added, "It's nothing that we talk about at Pixar, I don't think. Or at least I don't. I'm sure people do, though."

Scanlon did admit, however, that there's definitely a connection there between the films on some level. "When you really think about -- all the Easter eggs and stuff, you know what I mean. Like the toy [bear from Toy Story 3] in Up, or the Rex action figure in WALL-E. You gotta think -- obviously we build on a world, and it's not for any other reason than a fun thing to do, but you can't deny that certain products are sold in the same world."

Both Scanlon and Rae mentioned the recent Disney Infinity game that merges characters from across several different properties into one game. "Yeah, it's awesome. They figured out a way to do it tastefully where it's all the toys of the different characters coming to life, in one world," Scanlon said. "So that's a fun way where you can actually act out what it would be like if all these characters were together." 

Monsters University hits DVD/Blu-ray on October 29. We'll have more with Scanlon and Rae in the coming days. 



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