Watch: Trailer for 'Iron Sky' with Space-Invading Nazis

Watch: Trailer for 'Iron Sky' with Space-Invading Nazis

Jan 26, 2012

Described as Inglourious Basterds, Sin City, and old French movies wrapped into one weird sci-fi campfest, Iron Sky tells the story of Nazis that hail from the dark side of the moon and start a total war. The indie feature has been partially crowd-funded, the film is complete, and a trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.
In 2018, a secret Nazi fleet of spaceships invade earth. What more do you need to know? If Nazis in outer space don't do it for you, you probably weren't hugged enough as a child. Renate Richter (Julia Dietze), Klaus Adler (Götz Otto), and James Washington (Christopher Kirby) star in the movie that has been trying to find lift off since director Timo Vuorensola — leader of dark industrial band Älymystö — released a teaser clip in 2008. 
We're not sure if Iron Sky will see a U.S. release, but if you're in Deutschland you can check it out at the festival February 11. Dig into the goose-stepping madness below.

[via /Film]

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