Iron Overdose & More

Iron Overdose & More

Sep 16, 2008

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    Iron Man 2 & 3 & 4

    Iron Man Iron Overdose New Iron Man armor, the debut of War Machine, the rise of Mandarin and a booze-soaked Tony. And the possibility of a third sequel. We’re all going to be as sick of Iron Man as we are of Captain Jack Sparrow.
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    The Day the Earth Stood Still

    The Day </p> <p>the Earth Stood Still …Very, Very Still Watch the seven-minute preview and see Keanu Reeves take a lie detector test and try on a suit. Apparently aliens are out to bore us to death.
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    Guitar Hero

    Unplugged Brett Ratner won’t get to direct a movie inspired by the game. He’ll wait until two awesome Guitar Hero movies have been made, and then swoop in to screw up the trilogy finale.
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    Bedazzled Michael Douglas will star, with Matt Damon playing the glittery piantist’s gay lover. Oh, come on – if you’re gonna get Damon, how can you not cast Ben Affleck as Liberace?
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    Daredevil 2

    Daredevil Reboot Requested? If they can rescue the Caped Crusader after Batman Forever, there’s no superhero franchise that can’t be brought back from the dead. Just hope that Elektra isn’t next.
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    Book Learnin’ Eva Longoria left the studio with a stack of Avengers comics research to play Wasp or a desperate attempt to rescue a fizzling film career? Probably the latter, but no geek is allowed to complain about a cute girl who reads comics.
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    The International

    Ripped From the Headlines In the trailer, Clive Owen exposes a corrupt bank’s shady financial dealings. Which leads to disaster. Thankfully I’m too broke to have any money in the stock market. Otherwise I might find this a bit disconcerting.
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    Ghost Rider 2

    Just Say No Eva Mendes won’t be back. See, someone in Hollywood can actually turn down a ridiculous, unnecessary sequel. Too bad it’s not Nic Cage.
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    Four Christmases

    Bah Humbug The trailer finds Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn trying to ditch their families for the holidays by flying to Fiji. It’s a lot easier to do what the rest of us do: Numb our feelings with booze.
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    The Soloist

    Shine On This movie demands an addendum to Tropic Thunder’s “retard” Oscar rule: You also get an Oscar for playing oddball mental patients with a knack for music.

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