Watch: How Some of the Coolest Visual Effects in 'Iron Man 3' Were Created

Watch: How Some of the Coolest Visual Effects in 'Iron Man 3' Were Created

May 13, 2013

Iron Man 3 poster art

We all know that movies and television shows now make extensive use of CGI visual effects – and most of us realize that CGI artistry has become so impressive that we often don’t realize that what we’re watching on the screen was often added almost entirely in postproduction. That being said, these new behind-the-scenes clips from Iron Man 3 should leave you very impressed.

Each of the short videos shows how a scene in the film was created. One showcases an obvious CGI moment – the melting of the supports of a water tower – while the two others demonstrate just how much visual trickery was at work in creating specific sequences.

What’s really fascinating is that even in a scene like the one with the water tower, we have no idea just how much CG is actually being used until we get a look behind the scenes. Sure, the melting supports are done with computers – but so are most of the background details and the aftermath of the actual crash. It’s amazing how far the medium has come.  

The two other scenes are less obvious with their use of the computer-generated imagery. For example, who even thought that James Badge Dale wasn’t actually in the suit for this scene?

Taking that a step further, how impressive is it that the VFX artists took a simple image of a guy jumping out of a plane and added the Earth below, clouds and a jet? Some of us tend to dislike CGI and long for more practical FX work in our movies – but as these vids prove, CG imagery has really evolved and there’s genuine artistry to it. The construction of this particular sequence is really quite amazing.

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the VFX used in Iron Man 3 – hopefully we’ll see more videos like this in the weeks ahead.

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