Um, Spoiler? Pepper Potts Finally Rocks Some Armor in New 'Iron Man 3' TV Spot

Um, Spoiler? Pepper Potts Finally Rocks Some Armor in New 'Iron Man 3' TV Spot

Mar 26, 2013

Since it wasn't a part of any official synopsis and did not factor into either of the previous two Iron Man movies, some might consider Pepper Potts' (Gwyneth Paltrow) appearance inside an Iron Man suit in Iron Man 3 as kind of a spoiler. Sure, those following the franchise closely -- those real hard-core fanboys -- all knew she'd be donning a suit in part three, they just didn't know how she'd show up in the suit. And since you'd think that scene would be one of the movie's big "money shots," no one really expected it to be featured in any posters, trailers or TV spots beforehand.

And then came TV spot number four, which aired last night during NBC's The Voice. Much to our surprise, there's a whole lot of Pepper Potts in armor in this commercial, including that aforementioned "money shot" -- or at least what we'd expect to be the film's big reveal. Those who want to save the Potts armor scene for theaters (and we don't blame you) can skip the following footage.

Things to keep in mind here, though: this scene at the end of the TV spot where Potts saves Stark while wearing his armor looks to come from the beginning of the movie (or at least from the film's first major action set piece), meaning there's a whole lot more they can do here. Either this is her one throwaway armor moment in the movie, or this moment simply sets up a much larger (and more exciting) payoff later on in the film. 

Whatever the case may be, yes, we agree this feels like something that shouldn't have been in promotional material, but we also see how it could be a great selling tool for getting more females -- and specifically young females -- interested in the comic book movie, especially since they specifically debuted this TV spot during a teenybopper show like The Voice

So did they sacrifice a "money shot" in order to appeal to more young girls? Possibly. Should you care? Not really, because those invested in this franchise already (raises hand) are seeing this one no matter what. But what you should hope for is that Marvel and director Shane Black have a lot more up their sleeves, and regardless of what we do or don't see prior to its release, Iron Man 3 will still prove to be the best Iron Man movie yet when it hits theaters on May 3.

That's how we're thinking anyway...


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