Iron Man 2, Batman 3, and Spider-Men 4 & 5

Iron Man 2, Batman 3, and Spider-Men 4 & 5

Sep 09, 2008

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    BATMAN 3

    Calm down. Take a Deep Breath. Relax. Just because Michael Caine thinks Johnny Depp will play the Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman will star as the Penguin doesn’t make it true. Remember back in the day when we all were convinced Sean Penn was going to be the Joker?
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    SPIDER-MEN 4 & 5

    Peter </p> <p>Parker Double-Down I fully support the idea of shooting back-to-back sequels, especially if it means more of that brilliant Saturday Night Fever strutting that Peter Parker does so well.
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    Too Little, Too Late Michael Moore is giving away his next movie online. Where today’s thrifty slacker downloads every movie for free.
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    Ew. Seth Rogen is dangerously close to Will Ferrell levels of overexposure. And he’s really overexposed in this red-band trailer.
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    IRON MAN 2

    Iron Man Going Once … They’re auctioning a set visit and appearance as an extra on eBay. Last time I checked the high bid was closing in on seven grand.
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    Money Talks Will Smith in the red, white and blue? Never gonna happen. Not because in the comics he was a white dude. I just don’t think the rest of the world wants to pay to see a Super Patriot smashing commies.
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    G.I. JOE

    No, Joe! Cobra Commander isn’t going to wear the blue !? Geeks everywhere are going to have to update their Comic-Con costumes. mask
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    The Duchess Recount A friend and I frequently compare our lists of the hottest actresses, and he stubbornly refuses to include Keira Knightley. Come on, man. Watch this clip. Anyone who can make that ridiculous hat and wig look good is in the top 5.
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    This Movie Speaks to Me In this clip, Jennifer Aniston gets a guy to leave her alone by bending over and saying, “Touch it and go, Mike.” You know, I can really relate to this “Mike” character. I feel his pain.
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    Something’s Missing The red-band trailer scores points for James Marsden’s awesome white-trash gearhead, but … shouldn’t there be nudity? Or some violence? Or a combination of the two?

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