Turn Your Action Figures into Movie Stars with the iPad's Very Cool StopMo App

Turn Your Action Figures into Movie Stars with the iPad's Very Cool StopMo App

Mar 14, 2014

StopMo Studios software

My earliest memories of stop-motion animation involve the work of legendary artist Ray Harryhausen. I can vividly recall seeing the skeleton segment in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and being absolutely astonished in the way that only young kids can. I’ve been a fan stop-motion work ever since.


Generally speaking, creating a movie in this medium is a painstaking process. Every model must be moved a tiny amount, a picture taken, then moved again – and repeat for hours to get only a few seconds of footage.

And while technology hasn’t quite found a way to make the process as a whole simpler, it has at least provided the tools for fledgling animators to create their masterpiece.

The National Film Board of Canada has recently unveiled a new app for iPad owners looking to enter the stop-motion arena, and it can be yours for a mere $.99. StopMo Studio promises to provide users with a unique suite of tools to help them make their stop-motion dreams a reality – and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

The program is being hailed as “idiot proof” (which is good news for me), and allows users to start making their movie as soon as they launch the program. All you have to do is snap a photo of your star, move it, snap another, and so on. When you’re done, the program will animate your pictures (as few as three) into a piece of cinematic magic.

The app also boasts some time-lapse photography tools (so you can add in artsy shots of clouds drifting across the sky rapidly), the ability to add voice and music, and even hand-drawn animation. StopMo uses both the front and rear camera on the iPad, so it’s versatile too.

While there are other stop-motion apps available, StopMo looks like a great place for fledgling animators to get their feet wet. The price is right, and you really can achieve some impressive things with it – as this sample video studio animator Patrick Bouchard created using the app more than proves. Get your action figures ready, because StopMo is about to make them movie stars!

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