Internet Saves RoboCop, Not Detroit

Internet Saves RoboCop, Not Detroit

Feb 17, 2011

Have you noticed the latest "big thing" going around online? The whole RoboCop statue in Detroit "thing"? Started when the mayor of Detroit asked for suggestions on what they could do to convince people it's not this wasteland for the unemployed, the homeless and bitter Detroit Lion fans, and one person suggested a RoboCop statue, based on the 1980s movie character played by Peter Weller.

Naturally the mayor said no way, but internet fanboys wanted no part of that -- demanding a RoboCop statue be built, going so far as to start a campaign that has raised upwards of $50,000 in under a week. Yup, fifty grand given to the fine people of Detroit so they can build their RoboCop statue. It's amazing how fast people will come together and shell out money for a project that will do nothing but satisfy '80s action movie buffs who happen to break down on their way through Detroit (because who would actually visit Detroit to see a RoboCop statue?).

Too bad they couldn't start up a campaign to help feed the struggling, out-of-work families of Detroit instead -- though I'd imagine they wouldn't get any money unless said families shared the last name McFly, belonged to a real-life Breakfast Club or fought in the Clone Wars alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Such is life.

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