International Trailer Domination Tour: Some Action-Heavy Badass Flicks from Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and The Philippines

International Trailer Domination Tour: Some Action-Heavy Badass Flicks from Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and The Philippines

Dec 02, 2011

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best trailers from upcoming international films. For the second week in a row the ITD is an action-heavy affair. What can I say? People like to make movies about people punching each other.


1. The Raid by Gareth Huw Evans, Indonesia

We kick things off with Indonesia’s The Raid. The action packed flick won the audience award for the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival and has just been announced as part of Sundance as well with a US release from Sony Pictures Classics coming in the spring. What better time, then, to release a new, extended trailer.


2. Robo-G by Shinobu Yaguchi, Japan

You can always count on Japan’s Shinobu Yaguchi to lighten things up a bit. Yaguchi has won an international following with his character based comedies Swing Girls and Water Boys and that signature style is very much in effect with the upcoming Robo-G. Story? Well, it revolves around a group of robotics researchers whose creation fails – badly – right before it is meant to be unveiled at a major convention. Solution? Have the elderly cleaning man from their building don the suit and pretend to be a robot.


3. Ultra Zone by Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura, Japan

Right, this one takes a bit of explaining. We included the trailer for the upcoming Ultraman Saga - the latest in the long running Ultraman series – in a previous column. Well, as a PR move for that film producers at Tsuburaya hired on Japanese cult directors Noboru Iguchi and Yoshihiro Nishimura to create a series of comedic promo videos. It’s a move that makes a lot of sense given the success Iguchi just had with Karate Robo-Zaborgar and the duo have clearly taken the opportunity and run with it. The result is Ultra Zone, a series of short films about Japanese tokusatsu villains trying and failing to adjust to everyday life on Earth.


4. The Kick by Prachya Pinkaew, Thailand

Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew has taken a certain amount of heat over the years for recycling the same basic storyline over and over again in his martial arts films: Something gets stolen and the naive outsider who happens to be gifted in martial arts has to reclaim it. Well, he’s going to take that heat again with The Kick. But people still flock to his movies because the man has an eye for physically talented performers and shoots action like nobody’s business. The Kick features a dominantly Korean cast but the new Thai trailer for the film shifts the focus over to some more familiar faces from his past work, namely Jija Yanin from Chocolate and Mum Jokmok from Ong Bak. The story may be tired but the action still looks great.


5. Graceland by Ron Morales, The Philippines

New York based Filipino director Ron Morales returns to his homeland with Graceland, a gritty thriller about a man in the wrong place at the wrong time whose young daughter is mistaken for the daughter of a politician and kidnapped. Loaded with raw energy, strong performances and fabulous cinematography the trailer for this one promises a look at a world seldom seen.

The International Trailer Domination Tour is compiled from the pages of Twitch where international films are a specialty. Keep up with everything around the globe by visiting Twitch on the web, finding Twitch on Facebook or following Twitch on Twitter.

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