International Trailer Domination Tour: Interesting Things Brewing in the Philippines

International Trailer Domination Tour: Interesting Things Brewing in the Philippines

Nov 04, 2011

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best trailers from upcoming international films. Three of the five entries this week come from The Philippines, where interesting things be brewing, with the remaining two entries coming via Poland and Norway.


1. The Road by Yam Laranas, The Philippines

Filipino director Yam Laranas came to international attention thanks to his ghost story Sigaw a few years back and after a bit of time spent flirting with Hollywood and other aspects of his chosen genre he’s back in familiar territory with The Road. And it looks good on him. Laranas is a very skilled cinematographer as well as director and he puts those skills to great use creating an oppressive atmosphere for his dark tale of a haunted stretch of road.


2. Fear Of Falling by Bartosz Konopka, Poland

The last time Poland’s Bartosz Konopka made a film it resulted in an Oscar nomination. And while his upcoming Fear Of Falling is quite different from his previous work – in that it’s a feature and fictional, while the Oscar nominated Rabbit a la Berlin was a short documentary – talent is talent and Konopka clearly has it. His latest is an ultra-dark domestic drama revolving around mental illness and it looks to be a truly remarkable bit of work.


3. Not Like Us by Brandon Relucio and Ivan Zaldarriaga, The Philippines

The undead know no boundaries, it seems, the latest example of which is Not Like Us from young directing duo Brandon Relucio and Ivan Zaldarriaga. Set in the region of Cebu in The Philippines – and shot in the local dialect – geography doesn’t represent the only boundary crossing here, however, the film taking a refreshingly character based approach to the material. A product of the Cinema One Originals series devoted to finding Filipino new talent, this one looks to be a success.


4. Dunderland by Finn-Erik Rognan and Nils J. Nesse, Norway

Another young directing duo look to be starting off on a strong foot, Finn-Erik Rognan and Nils J. Nesse’s debut feature Dunderland taking great advantage of the dramatic scenery of Norway’s far north – the film was shot on location in the Dunderland valley, just south of the Arctic Circle – to bolster a story of witchcraft spanning centuries. The current wave of Nordic genre film has impressed with its ability to blend technical skill with fresh story telling and this looks no different.


5. OJT by Erik Matti, The Philippines

We’re breaking our own rules a bit with this one in that the film in question has not yet been made and the video included is not a trailer but a nine minute proof of concept reel. But when you see the video I think you’ll understand why we’re doing it. Erik Matti’s OJT - short for On The Job Training should be kicking off later this year, it’s story based on an actual political scandal in which a high ranking official was discovered to have collaborated with gangsters and corrupt prison officials to free a prisoner on a day pass and have hime assassinate a political rival. Matti has been preparing the film for over a year now and what he’s got is every bit as impressive as the source story is shocking, the man having packed up a pair of actors, a pair of RED cams, and a whole lot of talent for a single day’s shoot that yielded the whopping nine minute reel you can watch above. It’s absolutely fabulous.

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