InstaWatch Weekend: Aliens, Assassins and Lions, oh my!

InstaWatch Weekend: Aliens, Assassins and Lions, oh my!

Aug 20, 2011

Perhaps you have some wonderful plans for the impending weekend: a 48-hour whirlwind of cruise ships, dance clubs, and fascinating members of the opposite sex who smile and laugh when you say things ... or maybe not. Maybe your perfect weekend consists of A) stopping on the way home from work to get ice cream, B) calling a few friends, and C) doing some hardcore vegetating with some new movies. And by "new" I mean "new to you." Casablanca is new if you've never seen it.

So we're here to offer you five worthwhile titles from Netflix's "Watch Instantly" section. This way you'll know what to watch when you're done watching all the Firefly episodes for a ninth time. Also it will give you someone to blame if the recommendations suck. Me! But I'm actually pretty good at this. Let's start with...

Black Death

If the new Conan leaves you hungry for a medieval epic with a little more brain in its head, try Christopher Smith's truly impressive genre-bender. It's a dark quest, an action film, a cerebral horror story, and a few other things as well. (For more of my blather on this really solid movie, check out the review I wrote for FEARnet.)

Four Lions

The funniest and ballsiest comedy of last year can now be enjoyed in the "safety" of your own home -- provided you're a fan of hard-edged satire that treats aspiring terrorists like they're Police Academy rejects. Writer/director Chris Morris finds humor in some very unlikely places, and just when you think the film has an entirely black heart -- you're proven wrong by something unexpected. (This one I reviewed for the late. lamented Cinematical.)

13 Assassins

Simply put: you've never seen an explosion of sustained cinematic action like the one that occurs in (and throughout) the second half of this movie. No cheating, though! Watch the whole thing.


Look, we've already established that you have no plans this weekend. What better time to enjoy this generally mindless but truly amusing mash-up of action, sci-fi, and horror? (Also: another flick that has one whacked-out ending, but you won't understand it unless you watch the whole movie!) Oh, here's my FEARnet review.

Dog Day Afternoon

Yes, I feel I must redeem myself after recommending Skyline, but if you haven't seen Sidney Lumet's classic bank heist thriller, you're missing out on something exceedingly special. Pacino and John Cazale shine, of course, but the simple truth is that this is one of the sweatiest, most realisitc, and consistently FUN bank heists you'll ever witness.

(Seen all these movies? Need a more personalized recommendation? Hit me up on Twitter and we'll talk.)

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